Welcome TO VRLink


VRLink is the name of our flagship program and also the name of our corporation.  Both were begun in 1994 with the simple goal of providing easy-to-use interfaces for remote and mobile sales reps that integrate order writing with product availability.  This gives the sales rep the ability to quickly and professionally create orders, give their customers a clear understanding of what they’ve ordered, and increases the sell thru percentage of all orders.  Customers receive nearly 100% of the product they order because VRLink prevents the rep from ordering product that is either sold-out or on back order.  The VRLink interfaces contain a wide variety of features designed specifically for sales reps, giving them the tools to write orders quickly and accurately.  In most cases, reps write and book their orders during their sales calls, giving them the peace-of-mind that their paperwork is completed… which gives them the ability to focus on their next sales call or enjoy time at home with family and friends. 

VRLink Corporation is really a family business of designers, software developers, and technical support staff that are capable of meeting any of your business requirements and supporting your user base.  Our decades-long experience gives us the ability to handle all your customization and data needs.  Our software integrates with any ERP system, and our staff is well suited to communicate with both your sales and IT personnel.  VRLink Corporation’s number one priority is commerce… your commerce.  We make sure every order written by a VRLink user is booked into your ERP.  That is our guarantee!

Easily Connecting Sales Reps and Customers

VRLink is a personal, computer-based sales force automation system designed for apparel companies and their sales representatives. Our custom software applications are designed to provide a link between the vendor’s information systems and their remote sales reps. These special tools make it easy for our clients to handle their orders accurately, effectively, and quickly. The following are just some of the features of our software suite:

  • Remote Order Entry
  • Online Ordering
  • Automatic Sizing
  • Scanning
  • Inventory Availability
  • Pulls and Reinstates
  • UPC Codes
  • Smart Catalogs and Lists
  • Product Images
  • Product Collections
  • Product Query Tools
  • Order Status
  • Data Mining
  • Cloning Orders
  • Embroidery/Decoration Specifications

Software Company Providing Custom Business Solutions

We provide our clients with software solutions customized to their unique business rules and needs.  Our programming staff designs data exchange processes that accommodate virtually any known data format.  Available on Windows, iPad, and the Cloud, we make it easy for our clients to take advantage of our custom business solutions, no matter what platform they currently use.  So, whether you’re a small business or a global enterprise, having a centralized, automated software solution that links your vendors and remote sales reps is sure to improve your operational efficiency and make you more profitable.