Software Suite

VRLink Corporation offers a variety of software solutions to meet the needs of companies large and small.

  • VRLink – The original application was designed to be run remotely on desktop and laptop computers.  Users get data updates throughout the day with the Send/Receive feature whenever they have access to the Internet.  The program is designed to run disconnected from the Internet, giving the user the ability to do their work anywhere and anytime.  More info on VRLink & VRDist
  • VRDist – The original server-side application.  This is really the connection between the client ERP system and VRLink users.  It supports all the various user interfaces.  Data from the client ERP is either pushed to VRDist or pulled by VRDist.  Customized post-processing routines convert the client’s data into the proper formats for use by VRLink, the iPad, or VRCloud applications.  VRDist is also used to harvest orders coming in from the various order writing applications.  More info on VRLink & VRDist
  • iPad – All iPad versions of VRLink begin as great presentation tools for seasonal client catalogs.  Users can further customize presentations and use them to begin the order writing process.  More info on iPad VRLink
  • VRCloud – Our Cloud based applications are assigned to users based on their business applications and needs.  VRCloud applications include data maintenance, order writing, real-time product availability, Order Status, and a variety of custom built applications for individual clients.  More info on VRCloud applications

Contact our specialists to learn more about our software suite.  Based in Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida, we serve vendors throughout North America and Europe.