The VRCloud suite of web-based applications gives sales representatives the freedom to access VRLink order entry tools anywhere from any platform.  Compatible with all major web browsers, they require no client installation and provide fast, flexible access to order entry, inventory and sales history whether in the field or in the office.  As an added competitive advantage, they enable remote data sharing and offer the capability for customers to place orders directly online.

VRCloud solutions can be implemented as a standalone sales force tool or as an add-on to VRLink to extend its core capabilities to the web.  Branding options are available to ensure seamless integration with your existing web presence.

Order Entry

Using the VRCloud order entry application, sales reps can write orders online.  Building an order is as simple as selecting products from a searchable interface and selecting color, size, quantity and embroidery options.  The application also provides real-time access to product availability, customer accounts and sales history.

Back-End Connectivity

The order entry web application integrates with your back-end accounting, CRM and supply chain systems to ensure fully automated order processing and fulfillment.

Sales History

Prior orders can be accessed quickly with the VRCloud online order history tool.  This add-on to VRLink eliminates the need to store large amounts of order data on the sales rep’s local workstation and provides enhanced charting and data analysis capabilities.

Order Detail

Sales reps can search for orders on multiple fields, including customer name, account number, order ID and status or custom vendor-defined filters.  The VRCloud query interface enables the user to review customer activity, drill down to the order detail and even generate a PDF of the order confirmation.

Custom Catalogs

Product lists generated in VRLink can be converted to online catalogs targeted to specific customers.  The catalog displays product information and provides an online order form that posts back automatically to the sales rep’s VRLink inbox.

Kiosk / POS

The VRCloud kiosk solution provides an online catalog for generating sales on-site or at event locations.  The catalog can be populated from product data created in VRLink or imported from the vendor’s inventory system and is a cost-effective solution for situations where maintaining on-hand inventory is otherwise impractical.